24 Moments Only Friends In A Close Group Would Understand!


The dedicated few...We have friends and then we have closer friends closer to us. We spend more time together and after a while, they become a big part of our lives. All the items we have here are based on true stories of the masses! :)

1. Everyone will get their fair share of the jokes...One by one.


The group will always look for a victim; and of course this is going to be done in a totally fair way. Justice will be served in the end.

2. You know each other so well that you know what to push for and what to let go of.


3. If someone out of the group is telling you something, it is totally irrelevant.


If your friends have no idea of the backgroud story, they won't make a fool out of you or use the nicknames that they call you.

4. You are up-to-date about one another's lives and make sure to get the tiniest details, even when you're apart.


And yes, you continue to do that on your WhatsApp group, as well.

5. And you start right from where you left off when you reunite.


There is no such thing as short conversations in your vocabulary.

6. You get extremely jealous when everyone else in the group hangs out together and you just can't make it.


Even if your other plan is insanely fun.

7. Romantic dates are big news for everyone.


And yes, the group knows about all the details.

8. If anyone from the group is having a dilemma about a relationship, everyone will have a different opinion about it.


9. If anyone from the group is single, you all act together to set him or her up with someone.


And you don't quit until you succeed.

10. Everyone's romatic history is just common knowledge in the group.


''We only held hands...That was it... Seriously.''

11. It's your mission to bring up all the embarrassing stories.


Once those stories are about to be forgotten, they are revived.

12. When you first got into the group, you were exposed to a little bit too much drama.


Those things only brought you closer and when you look back, you laugh at them.

13. There are tons of inside jokes that you don't know the origin of.


You are probably laughing at some word that was uttered 4 years ago.

14. It's really difficult to introduce new people to your group.


And if those people hang out with the group for some time, you should probably give them some manual so that they do not feel like foreigners in a different country.

15. There have been many who wanted to sneak into your special group.


You don't even remember their names.

16. And that doesn't mean that it is too difficult to be a part of the group.


If the group members do not like someone, there is probably something wrong with that person.

17. You are there for each other in difficult times, just like you are there for extremely silly things.


18. You know that they will be there for you when you really need them.


19. You know that they will be tough if necessary.

Just like you know that they will drag you out  of the house when all you want to do is to lock yourself in the house.

20. If there are people getting on your nerves, they have already made quite a few enemies.


Your friends will never forgive, nor will they ever forget, even if you do.

21. It doesn't matter what you do together when you hang out. You know that you will have so much fun, no matter what you do.


22. You have, of course, discussed who will be the first to get married.


Or first to have kids, or find a job or become rich.

23. You have talked about leaving everything behind and living all together.


24. And you know that you will find answers to all questions some day.


Because you'll be together forever and ever...

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