24 Bits Of Information Guaranteed To Make You Look Cool!


Maybe they won't save your life or make you a hero, but they will help you seize the day when it's time. You can look extremely cool if you know when to drop these little bits of information in!

1. The opposite of Dejavu is Jamevu. Meaning you feel like the stuff you actually lived did not happen.

2. Social media addiction triggers the same zone in your brain as cocaine.

3. That "hospital smell" is all the Vitamin B found in people's serums!

4. It takes around 17 months and 26 days for an average person to get over their ex!

5. Sea shells don't whisper into your ears. It's just the blood flowing in the veins of your ears!

6. The smallest number that can be divided without a remainder by all of the numbers from 1 to 10 is 2520!

7. It's impolite to show up on time for a dinner in Argentina. You're expected to run a bit late.

8. Elvis Presley's 8th grade music score was C!

9. Perfectionists dream of acing an exam much more often than other people!

10. Venus has sulfuric acid rains, but it's so hot that the rain vaporizes before hitting the ground!

11. Some twins speak a language named Cryptophasia- A language only understood by their twin!

12. While talking to others, our brain is constantly trying to guess what the other side will say next!

13. When two lovers are eye-to-eye, their heartbeats simultaneously go faster.

14. Some monks in Germany have a certain ritual where they consume only beer and water 40 days prior to Easter.

15. Lefties have better sight underwater.

16. The world's first selfie belongs to a chemist named Robert Cornelius, and dates back to 1839!

17. Cats only rest their heads on the shoulders of people who they really trust and love!

18. Smart people are less keen on traditional events and concepts.

19. In Beijing, you can get your train ticket by recycling plastic bottles!

20. Photograph, in Greek, means drawing with light!

21. If you were to line up all the molecules found in a spoon of water, it would be 10 times longer than our solar system!

22. In Mexico and the UK, artists can pay their taxes with their art pieces.

23. Johnny Depp wants everyone attending his funeral to drink from a bottle of special whisky containing some of his ashes!

24. Barcode readers actually read the empty spaces between the black lines, not the black lines themselves!

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