23 Situations of Exhaustion That You Can Both Relate And Laugh At The Same Time


If you're sleepy and you know it clap your hands.

1. “I just got this picture in a text from my husband’s phone. He’s the one sleeping. I don’t know that other guy.”

2. The best place to sleep is a reliable shoulder.

3. When you wake up on a Monday morning

4. Weekend plans be like...

5. The Professional Sleeper

6. All students will know

7. "Mom, I don't wanna go to school" kinda morning

8. “It’s been a really crazy day at work. Please send help!”

9. Sleeping Nemo

10. Dogs can be tired too okay?

11. "I will be studying all night long."

12. When one nap is not enough so you clone yourself to get more.

13. When your mom sees her friend in the supermarket and stars to talk with her.

14. “Sometimes I feel like this heater.”

15. Somedays you win, somedays you just forgot your mug to drink coffee. It happens.

16. Your veins will be running coffee instead of blood when you drink this 5 shots of espresso...

17. ...Or nothing will change.

18. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree right?

19. Make yourself at home almost anywhere with DIY hammock.

20. 5 minutes before the school bus came.

21. This year's Halloween Costume Award goes to...

22. Right after saying "I'm just resting my eyes."

23. “This week we are having final exams. This guy fell off the chair, laughed for about 30 seconds, and fell asleep for 40 minutes.”

Bonus: Being a doctor gives you the ability to sleep anywhere.

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