etiket 23 Shower Thoughts That'll Haunt You For The Rest Of Your Life!

> 23 Shower Thoughts That'll Haunt You For The Rest Of Your Life!

In the shower, you can be occupied with weird ideas and you usually can't stop thinking about them all day looong! We made a list of shower thoughts from reddit, and they will haunt you for the rest of your life!

1. You aren’t actually afraid of being left alone in your house, or in the forest; You’re afraid that you AREN’T alone.

2. Anxiety is like when video game combat music is playing but you can’t find any enemies.

3. If phones warned that listening at a high volume may cause damage to headphones instead of hearing, more people would probably keep their volume lower.

4. There is no physical evidence to say that today is Wednesday, we all just have to trust that someone has kept count since the first one ever.

5. Watching a graduation ceremony is like sitting through a movie that’s entirely end credits.

6. Security at every level of an airport is absolutely ridiculous. Until you get to the baggage claim. Then it’s just like take whatever bag you want.

7. If you woke up with the ability to walk through walls, it would probably take a decent amount of time before you realize you suddenly had that power.

8. Telling a dangerously overweight person not to lose weight because they're beautiful is like telling an alcoholic not to stop drinking because they're fun.

9. It kinda makes sense that the target audience for fidget spinners lost interest in them so quickly.

10. Cops saying “if you lawyer up, you look guilty” is like saying ” if you wear your seatbelt, you look like your going to get in a car accident”

11. It’d be horrifying if babies could scream from inside the womb instead of just wiggle and kick.

12. Your future self is talking shit about you.

13. The first person who inhaled helium must have been so relieved when the effects wore off.

14. If wookies have a 400 year life span, then Han Solo is basically like Chewbacca’s third dog.

15. If you’re no longer covered by your parent’s health insurance, your manufacturer’s warranty is over.

16. It would be weird if a human yelled out “Anyone wanna f*ck?” but birds do it all day and nobody cares.

17. The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue.

18. You know you’ve reached adulthood when your bed is in the middle of the wall instead of in the corner.

19. If race horses could comprehend that victory meant a lifetime of leisure and sex they’d probably run even faster.

20. Sleeping in is considered lazy, but going to bed early is not.

21. A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you.

22. It’s weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe, and that daytime is only caused by a nearby, radiating ball of flame

23. When you introduce two different groups of friends to each other, it’s like your own life’s crossover episode.

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