Why is Beyoncé So Famous? 23 Reasons Why Beyoncé Is A Real Queen


Why is Beyoncé so famous?

Beautiful, talented and successful women are not rare in the music and entertainment sector. We have the princess Rihanna, the very beloved Lady Gaga, and Britney, who never gets old. However, Beyoncé is someone completely different because she has more than beauty, talent and success. This 37-year old is a queen!

No other star has received the interest or respect she has received. But what it is that makes her so special?

We did the research!

1. We see the movement of "self-love" and "positive body image" everywhere, however the pioneer of this movement was our very own Beyoncé, with her curves.


This may seem "normal" to you now, but remember, when Beyoncé made her debut, thin and blonde women were at the center of attention: Britney, Christina and Madonna. She was a first! She proudly showed how much she loved her body while representing African-American women with her wide and curvy hips!

That's self-love and self-respect... Something queens are known to have.

2. She never resorts to "lip syncing" during her concerts. She continues singing magnificently without giving any break to her vocal cords..


Even the music authorities who don't like her style even acknowledge this: she has an amazing voice box!

3. And meanwhile, she dances non-stop. Beyoncé, with her figure that could almost qualify for gymnastics, works magic every time she is on stage.


4. Women know how difficult it is to control your hair, especially when it is sprayed and made. Beyoncé is a hair-flip expert.


There is a fact called "Beyoncé hair"... Her hair is like an independent dancer that owns the show, amazing!

5. She is the only female artist that entered the lists at #1 with her first 5 albums.


Not one, not two... All 5 albums were hits as soon as they were released!

6. She still holds the record for being the female artist nominated most in the history of the Grammy Awards.


7. And this year, she was the only female singer that won 6 Grammy awards in one night.


8. The only other person who succeeded in holding this record is Adele, and she is a huge Beyoncé fan!


And she also calls her the "queen!"

9. Beyoncé, the artist who earned the most during the last 10 years, has never been in the news because of a scandal.


Discipline and willpower are her expertise, because she is a queen!

Unlike Madonna or Britney, she has never lost control.

10. She became the first African-American woman artist to be on the cover of Vogue. And what's more, she didn't give an interview.


11. She doesn't view the "positive self-image" concept as a part of her music only, she also applies it to her life. She gave the perfect response to those who commented (badly) on her daughter's appearance.


Being the daughter of two African-American parents, Blue Ivy obviously has an afro. Some people made negative and racist comments on her hair. What did Beyoncé do? She put her daughter (with her natural hair) in one of her videos and also sang "I love my baby with her afro."

That's how you teach your kids self-esteem!

12. She brought the Feminist movement, which barely makes it out of the intellectual community, to pop culture by putting it in huge letters on her stage.


She read the words of the Nigerian feminist author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in front of the whole world during an amazing stage show.

13. She has never forgotten where she comes from and her struggles. She and her husband paid the bail of hundreds of black people who were apprehended during Ferguson incidents and set these people free.


14. She is also supporting the "Black Lives Matter" movement by making references to the Black Panther Party.


Although being radically vocal could affect her fame and commercial success, she didn't hesitate to do what she thinks is right because being a queen is about considering the oppressed.

15. She invited the mothers of black young people who lost their lives because of police violence to the MTV Music Awards Ceremony. She both made some people very happy and drew attention to police violence.


16. Imagine an artist, whose biggest fans are Michelle and Barack Obama... Yes, that can be (and is) only Beyoncé!


17. See how casually and nicely she is shaking the hands of her fans... No, wait, that's the English royalty!


18. After Kanye West's scandal, she saved Taylor Swift's career by inviting her to the stage.


Taylor is also one of Beyoncé's biggest fans.

19. She is very fond of her fans, especially the women. Everybody says that she is one of the most the most humble and kind stars ever.


20. Kanye West, who thinks he is a sort of god, is also a Beyoncé fan!


He announced that Beyoncé is the best artist in the world and she should be receiving the awards instead of him. WOW!

21. And despite all the fame and success, she doesn't look like she has lost her 'fun' side.


22. Olympic champion, Laurie Hernandez, couldn't hide her excitement when she saw Beyoncé in front of her.


23. She started in show business at an early age, and she managed to keep her name clear off any scandals. She kept on doing her thing and inspired lots of people!


Long live the Queen!

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