23 Popular Characters 90s Boys Drooled Over!

23 Popular Characters 90s Boys Drooled Over!

Yes, this was the exact view.

The characters in this list are all responsible for this feature of us. 😅

We could not sort them by their beauty because they’re all so perfect. But feel free to comment below which one is your favorite!!  😄

1. Natalie Oreiro – Wild Angel

She is a legend who made a whole generation watch soap operas. 😍

2. April O'neil – Ninja Turtles

April! We were ready to go along with being Master Splinter. Watch your step Shredder!!!!😠

3. Rebecca- Full House

Everyone who watched the show Full House knows about this legend! 😉

4. Smurfette

There are tons of men out there who would do anything for you Smurfette! Just leave the village and live with us!! 😄

5. Spice Girls

Yes, in love with all them. A little more with Victoria Beckham 😄

6. Mary Jane - Spiderman

We would totally catch you and would not let you go, if we had a super power like Spiderman. 😞

7. Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) - Spiderman

You already got Mary Jane, leave this beauty to us Spidey!! 😞😞

8. Britney Spears

9. Xena: Warrior Princess

Our warrior princess. ❤️

10. Gabrielle - Xena

Xena's beautiful friend ❤️❤️

11. She-Ra

No offense to the power of shadows, but we're in love with you She-Ra! 😍

12. That beautiful girl in Aerosmith's music videos.

If you haven't seen any of them, we totally recommend you to do so! Here is one of them.

13. Misty - Pokemon

We were so jealous of Ash back in the day. Let us be your Pokemon Misty !! 😅

14. Chun Lee - Street Fighter

Yes, we were even in love with a video game character. So what??!! 😠

15. Pink Ranger - Power Rangers

My fairy can do roundhouse kicks…  😄

16. All of the Sailor Moon Characters

3 things we would take to the moon? These 3!! ☺️

Especially Usagi!

17. Sabrina

Our love towards witches exists because of you Sabrina. We could even sit and watch you practice magic 24/7.

18. Rogue - X-men

19. Hermione (Emma Watson) - Harry Potter

Still in love with her, everlasting!!

20. Judy Jetson - The Jetsons

21. Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) - Tomb Raider

Brad Pitt is such a lucky man ! :( 😔

22. Betty Rubble - The Flinstones

We never get why she is even married to a guy like Bernie anyway. You deserve better than that Betty!!

23. Rose - Titanic

We are ok with crashing into an iceberg everyday for you Rose!!  😍

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