23 People Who Mastered The Art Of Blending In!


People with superpowers are real. They are out there, waiting to be noticed. We were able to catch 23 people with extraordinary hiding abilities.

1. She can easily switch places with your pen. A deadly skill.

2. He can sneak onto airplanes. Free travel.

3. Don't let the looks fool you. It's not the new iPhone.

4. You can't tell if she's chewing her nails or not

5. A young stealth prodigy.

6. Don't gossip about her. She might be here.

7. Disguising as a hotel corridor. Might prove useful one day.

8. She is the Yoda of blending. A perfect 10.

9. He can go hide in his bag whenever he wants. Brilliant!

10. Hiding your feet whenever you want to. Unbelievably clever.

11. The new T-1000.

12. Note: Dad is included when you purchase the couch. Best tool for your home.

13. Legend says she commuted without paying for 10 years. We salute you subway-girl.

14. Straight out of a painting. A living art piece.

15. A walking viral. Next level marketing.

16. When you become one with your work. Devotion at its best.

17. She is holding her tee. Nothing extraordinary.

18. She can merge with the floor. Masterful.

19. Autochair! Roll out.

20. Wereflower. Not dangerous.

21. She's born with chameleon skills. Dangerous.

22. Actually I don't know what he is holding but she did good.

23. They can make parallel universes visible. Best powers ever!

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