23 Hungover Animals That Look Like They Had A Bit Too Much To Drink Last Night


You think you are a party animal? Think again because here are some real party animals...

1. "Why have I drunk that much?"

2. This big kitty that shines with regret.

3. "What day is it?"

4. "I can't get over her..."

5. This dog who definitely needs more sleep.

6. "What was that last shot we had, that purple one?"

7. This owl just can't get up.

8. Looking rough this morning lil' fella?

9. "Why can I never say no to a shot?"

10. This guy still looks drunk tbh.

11. True party animal 'Grumpy Cat'!

12. This orangutan who really hasn't got time for your shit.

13. This giraffe who really needs water right now.

14. "Texted my exes last night, quite a few of them :("

15. "I'm done with this!"

16. This cat is thinking wether to drink more or quit drinking forever.

17. This polar bear will probably skip today.

18. This owl is thinking why it's so bright right now.

19. But this dog has found a way around it.

20. Squirrel prefers light beer for a hangover cure.

21. This is some rich pussy!

22. This dog has some bad friends.

23. This cat can not leave the bathroom right now!

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