23 Funny Photos Everyone With A Sibling Could Easily Relate!


Your sibling is the only person who has the capability to be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time! Only you could know the things you went through until you've reached this age. 

These photos would mean a lot those who grow up with siblings!

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1. Everyone keeps telling you that you both look alike.

It's the worst thing that they could ever say to you!

2. Not touching!

3. You have to claim and reclaim your territory all the time!

"That was my spot!"

4. The moment your parents call you by your sibling's name:


"I'll see you again in 25 years!"

5. When you hit your sibling too hard by accident and they start crying.

Damage control, everyone!

6. When you're going through your sibling's stuff and you hear their footsteps approaching:


7. The endless battle over the TV.

8. When you argue with your sibling and your parents choose to be on your side:

9. You have different views on sharing your food:

Parents: you have to share with your sibling!
-Ok 😏

10. We all have that sibling that can't stop singing song lyrics...

11. They leave scars for life!

"I barely touched you!"

12. You have to label everything you own:

"If you drink these you will be murdered!"

13. Or else you'd face to go through this everyday!

When it was like growing up with siblngs.

14. You're always up for a great race:

"No, I'm gonna shower first"

15. When you get into trouble for something your sibling did:

"I'm going to kill you!"

16. Being in charge when your parents are away for the weekend:

"You can ask mom if you want. I'M IN CHARGE"

17. The moment you and your sibling want to sit in the front seat:

18. Of course having a sibling has some advantages:

19. When you get mad at your sibling but your mom is in the room:

Those tiny lil' messages!

20. If you don't have any solid comeback, all you can do is to mock their laugh like this:

You look something like this!

21. When your parents force you to hug it out:

22. When you tell your sibling to go ask mom/dad for something but they mention your name when asking.


23. The worst feeling you go through when you caught your sibling eating the food you saved for later:

We can't do with or without them!❤❤❤


My relationship with my siblings is always either "i'll help you hide the body" or don't even breath in my direction". There is no in between

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