23 Creepy But Funny Things We All Do!

> 23 Creepy But Funny Things We All Do!

Wondering how many more weird things we have in common....When no one's looking, when you're alone, when you aren't aware of your actions...We all do these weird a** things!


1. Trying to talk with the accent of the person you’re speaking with.

We can’t help it, this is what we do all the time.

2. Trying to sneakily look at people’s phones.

“I was still reading it, open it back up!!”

3. Sniffing your own hair.

“Still smelling good”

4. Sniffing someone else’s hair.

For the ones who want to act more weird.

5. Talking with a stranger when you think you’re talking to your friend.

You know that moment. That little heart attack when you turn your head.

6. Holding hands with stranger thinking you’re holding your bae’s hand.

This one is even worse. But you’re used to this weirdness, since you used to hold other people’s hands, thinking you were holding your parents hands, as a child.

7. Hugging someone for too long.

When you feel it, they also feel the same, be sure about that..

8. Accidently kissing someone on the lips.

Not like a French kiss, but you do it sometimes.

9. Constantly looking at a stranger who looks like someone you know

We frighten people with those looks we give.

 “Isn’t that Mario? Looks like him.. No he’s not…”

10. Or gazing at a stranger when you think you were staring into space.

“I need to look somewhere else, I need to look somewhere else!!”

11. When you see a friend’s photo on Facebook, then spend hours looking at his albums.

“Wow, they went to Miami 3 years ago.. I don’t know why I’m still looking..”

12. Being out of the conversation and also being not sure how to join it.

“I think I’ll stand here like this forever. Heeey I’m here too!!”

13. When you laugh out loud to a conversation that you were overhearing.

And then they hear you.. So what? It was funny!!

14. Laughing to yourself in public when you were thinking about something funny

Then you try to cover by pretending like you were coughing.

15. Making an additional noise to prove that fart-like noise came from the couch, not from you.

16. Holding your phone tight when you show it to someone

No need for them to see stupid photos on your phone.

17. Peeking in houses when their curtains are open at night

Come on, everyone does it.

18. Calling someone and then changing your mind

Wish they didn’t see the missed call.

19. Talking stupidly without knowing what you’re saying

20. Knowing everything about your favorite celebrity.

You know everything about him, like his mother’s maiden name and the details of the accident he had when he was 5. You’re totally a stalker.

21. Revealing the truth that you were stalking someone like crazy on the internet.

“I’m going to California next weekend.”

“Yeah I know.. I mean I saw it on one of your comments on Instagram..”

22. Doing things that you’re going to regret.

Looking at your boyfriend’s phone, watching a horror movie at night time…

23. Accidentally liking someone’s photo when you’re looking at their old Instagram posts.

You can't take it back; they already have the notification….