22 Perfectly Timed Photographs That'll Drop Your Jaw!

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All of these photographs were perfectly timed. Some are pretty funny and some are gross. Be sure to check your picture files, you never know what's hiding in the background. 

Now, just scroll down and enjoy the ride...

You could look at 'em all day.

1. Who says white men can't jump?

2. ''Watch how I'm gonna dive!''

3. Master Splinter?

4. Just amazing!

5. I like it and I'm gonna put a ring on it. 🎵🎵

6. You have to just like them, not lick!

7. They see me rollin' in the sky, they hatin'...

8. Why are the other two so stressed out?

9. My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high.

10. Hands on action!

11. ''Yeah, I used to be a quarterbaa...''

12. Like father, like son. 🐕

13. 🏀🏀

14. ''Nothing like a good chilli..aaaaa'.'

15. ''Stop it, you can't marry!''

16. 😂😂

17. When I have a good hair day and see my crush.

18. 🐦🐦

19. ''This dj is da bomb!''

20. But first, let me take a selfie!

21. Me, want, milk!😁

22. ''Do I look too fat in this honey?'' 😂

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