22 Brave People Who Actually Confess Their "Guilty Pleasures"

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We all have those guilty pleasures...

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1. "Hallmark channel."



2. "I like @justinbieber music."


3. "Rollerblading up and down the local bike path/river walk."



4. "I love browning my grilled cheeses with mayo on the outside."


5. "Every Fast and Furious movie."


6. "I love to smell all the parts of my body. Ears, armpits, and underneath my balls etc."



7. "House Hunters! I get soooo pissed when the couple picks the “wrong” house! Colonial over Craftsman? Ya gotta be kidding me!"


8. "Sitting when I pee. Especially in the mornings. Women had it right all along."



9. "Play Fortnite, watch gamer YouTube videos. And look for videos of soldiers coming home so I can cry. I’ll still punch you in the face tho lol."



10. "Golden girls and idgaf who don’t agree that show is funny asf."


11. "I read Star Wars novels."


12. "Steven Segal films."



13. "Getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist."


14. "I know all the lyrics to every Backstreet Boy song."


15. "I give my fiancé shit about watching those girly tv shoes that are on Bravo, but I low key enjoy watching those milfs and housewives yell at each other."


16. "Picking my nose. Hey, it’s much better cleaned out. Idgaf it’s awesome."


17. "I still like power rangers."



18. "I like watching my kids cartoons more then they do. Lol blaze and the monster machine, and dinotrux are my favs lol."


19. "Licking the bowl after mixing cake batter or brownies. Love it almost more than the finished product."



20. "Hmm. The Chive…"


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