22 Answers To What Do Women Expect From A Guy's Hands?!

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Men usually don't know how to use their hands. But we, as women, have many thoughts about what they could do with them.

1. To make you feel relaxed.

2. To support.

3. To calm you down, give you peace.

4. To fulfill your longing.

5. To give trust.

6. To dance…

7. To give a massage.

8. To increase pleasure.

9. To give you a good time.

10. To grasp.

11. To fondle.

12. To undress.

13. To hug from behind…

14. To make his presence felt.

15. To hold on tight.

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16. Sometimes to tear.

17. To make you feel calm before a relaxing sleep.

18. For a good breakfast…

19. To give a goodbye kiss..

20. To warm you up.

21. To carry…

22. And to cover.

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