21 WTF Moments To Make You Realize You're Getting Old


If you haven’t realized already, we’ve made a list of moments you’ll realize that you’re getting old, because, well, that’s just one of the things we do for living. So, long gone are the days you looked forward to blacking out with your friends, fellas. But aging doesn’t have to be a nightmare, in fact, for most of us it’s just amazing to feel more matured and in peace with the world!

1. When you would rather spend your weekends relaxing at home than going out with friends.


No makeup, no bra, no cares!

2. When it became too hard to party all night.


Pulling all-nighters was nothing when you were in college, but now, getting your beauty sleep is a must.

3. When you started to care as much about skin care as you do about makeup.

You invest the big bucks in those anti-aging products.

4. When you splurged on soap or body lotion.


It's so CALMING!

5. When your friends all started getting married.


All your recent photos on Facebook are from weddings you went to...

6. You've lost track of what songs are "popular."


So now you only sing old jams at karaoke.

7. When you started enjoying things you hated before.


Bell peppers? Yes!

8. When you started making a conscious effort to eat more vegetables.


9. When you started ordering your drinks "on the rocks."


Forget overly sweet cocktails! Now you want to actual enjoy the taste of the liquor.

10. When the hangovers got serious.


Say goodbye to an entire day of your life. You'll be curled up in bed all day long.

11. When you started choosing comfortable clothing.


Comfort over style, duh.

12. When you started waking up early, even on weekends.


Because you know your sleep schedule will be all over the place if you get up at 7am on weekdays and noon on weekends!

13. When you started thinking that younger good-looking guys were "cute."


How adorable.

14. When you found your first gray hair. 😞😞


You'll rock gray hair too maybe?

15. When you noticed that that cheeseburger and fries you had for dinner last night actually did show on the scale.


Gone are the days when you could eat anything and everything.

16. When you started telling the same story over and over again.


Now that I think about it, nothing new has really happened lately...

17. When you started questioning the latest fashion trends.


Young people are so mysterious.

18. When one year felt so short.


Times really does fly.

19. When you couldn't remember someone's name.


"Hmmm... who was that?"

20. When it started taking forever for an injury to heal.


No you're not dying.

21. When it felt easier to just do stuff alone.


Nobody to wait for, nobody to complain about the plans... yeah, I think I'll just do this one on my own.

Source: BuzzFeed

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