21 Times Disney Characters Basically Summed Up Being On Your Period


If you’ve ever had blood come out of your vagina, you’ll get what we mean here. And no, we’re not ovary-reacting. Buzzfeed collected these 21 pictures of Disney characters that show how it feels to be on your period. Here they are.

1. When your period shows the hell up three days early.

2. When it's the first full day of your period and you just need a goddamn nap.

3. When you put a tampon in but you're kinda dry and you try to walk afterwards.

4. When you can tell you bled through your tampon so you maneuver your body very carefully until you can get to the bathroom.

5. When you've washed your face religiously, but wake up with five new pimples anyway.

6. When you can't tell if you started your period or your vagina is just discharging.

7. When you get a whiff of your used tampon.

8. When you wake up in the morning to find out that you bled all over your bed sheets.

9. When you pray to everything holy that your period will end soon.

10. When you haven't bled for 24 hours so you don't wear a pad and then you feel blood trickle out of your vagina.

11. When someone breathes next to you while you're on your period.

12. When you're bloated as fuck and decide to not move ever again.

13. When you think about how much you've eaten over the last seven days.

14. When you sneeze.

15. When you look in the toilet to see how much blood you've lost.

16. When period diarrhea hits you hard.

17. When you take out a dry tampon.

18. When you run out of pads and are forced to create a makeshift pad out of toilet paper.

19. When a cramp hits you hard and you wanna die.

20. When you have to pretend you aren't bleeding out of your vagina and everything is fine.

21. And when you think about what a badass bitch you are for living through this every month.

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