21 Little Details Making Women More Attractive!

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We'll talk about the little things you can't see at a glance: subjective, instant, and devastating details. Her collarbone for example, or the moment she removes the excess lipstick with a napkin...

1. Wearing halter-neck dresses

2. A warm sincere smile

3. Biting your lips softly

4. Liking Star Wars

5. Twirling her hair when she is on the phone

6. Proper use of red shades

7. Cool collarbone décolletage

8. Running the car up the hill smoothly

9. Tipsy postures

10. Playing computer games and even flipping off after she wins

11. Leaving a whiff of her scent as they pass you

12. French manicure

13. Walking tall

14. Waking up with a smile on her face

15. Fooling the others with her "easy-to-get" looks...

16. Wearing horn-rimmed glasses

17. Having bangs

18. Removing the excess lipstick with a napkin

19. Knowing computer stuff yet more formatting it

20. Putting her hair in a messy bun with a pencil

21. Shy postures

Above all else, her love...

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