21 Albino Animals That Don’t Need Color To Look Amazing!


Albinism is a genetic condition which occurs when skin lacks melanin. An albino animal may be born with white or pink skin and fur, and sometimes with reddish eyes. These beautiful animals are seen literally one in a million. Apart from poor eyesight and a higher susceptibility to skin cancers, they’re no different from their peers. Here are 21 completely white and beautifully unique albino animals!

1. Jaguar

2. The king penguin

3. Squirrel

4. Seal

5. Serval

6. Camel

7. Fox

8. King cobra

9. Deer (baby)

Deer (adult)

10. Lacertid

11. Wolf

12. Adélie penguin

13. Raccoon

14. Owl

15. Frog

16. Groundhog

17. Snake

18. Hawk

19. Sea turtle

20. Pomeranian

21. Zebra

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