20 Worthy Reasons To Reconsider Willy Wonka And His ‘Good’ Personality

> 20 Worthy Reasons To Reconsider Willy Wonka And His ‘Good’ Personality

You all know Willy Wonka. A bit of an extremist, unstable, crazy but also crazy clever, too. He has this wonderful chocolate factory we all dream of. Johnny Depp brought him to life in his movie. We all loved him with his purple jacket, baton, top hat and entertaining behavior. Funny, singing, loving and cheerful. 

Now let’s wait a second. Is he really all these things? Let’s discover Wonka in depth and realize he may not be the guy you dreamed of.


1. First of all he’s sneaky. We can never tell what he’s up to or what he wants.

2. He is always scary. All his moves, his clothing, his attitude.

3. Since he hates all the kids, he pretends he likes them but his true face shows up in the glass elevator part.

4. He has no respect for the elderly and he’s very selfish.

5. He’s also just as cruel to leave his family and home just because they didn’t give him any chocolate.

6. Also, we all know chocolate is no good for kids but when Willy Wonka does it, it’s all good. WRONG!

7. He flips out easily but only if it’s something about himself. He doesn’t care if the kid is drowning in the chocolate river.

8. We all know kids can be too much but they’re kids. They have to explore. Willy is the annoying one here.

9. He made a slave army out of poor Umpa Lumpas and they only work for their meals. How cruel!

10. We all get mad at his workers for stealing his recipe but we’re pretty sure Wonka had them work illegally and without and insurance.

11. He prefers Umpa Lumpas because they have no idea about Capitalism and he literally drains them all out.

12. It’s obvious he’s unfair. Just look at the factory tour itself. Why not invite all the kids?

13. Willy Wonka is nothing but an act of sugarcoating Capitalism and its harsh rules.

14. Tell us, would you ever work under certain conditions? Knowing you have no guarantee, no home, nothing?

15. He spends millions on stupid stuff but did he ever give away a penny to charity? Or did he ever help the townsfolk?

16. How can you say he’s a good guy when Charlie’s folks are living in misery and afford chocolate only once a YEAR?!

17. Let’s end this. He’s selfish, sneaky, cruel and careless…

18. He doesn’t care if the world would explode as long as he’s pleased.

19. Don’t be fooled by his massive goggles, purple suit, silky hair and super white teeth.

20. Willy Wonka is the type of boss you wouldn’t spend a week working for. So stop selling him as the good guy!