20 Signs Of Being In The “Friend Zone”


The pain is real! Although it has been conceptualized as a term just recently, "Friend Zone" is something that most of you have experienced at least once in your lives. It's a limbo you get stuck but never leave, or a marsh you get swamped deeper into as you try harder to go out. Have you ever been to that twilight zone before? Here is a guide that might help you to answer:

1. You deserve someone much better.

At least once a month, she empathizes the fact that you deserve someone else. (who is different than her)

2. Our friendship is too precious for me.

You hear how much your FRIENDSHIP means to her, even more than your

3. You always see my good side. I never showed you my ugly face.

In other words: “let’s stay the way we are, so you will only see my sweet
face. If the nature of our relationship changes, it will not end up pleasant
for you”

4. Oh I would love to, but already made a plan for that day! The other day? It is even less possible :(

She rejected straight-away seven of the ten plans you offered in last month
and also cancelled remaining three in the last minute right? Mysteriously, your
plans for doing something alone with her never get real!

5. Coffee after class? Sure, Bestie!

Here is a chance to do something privately… but in a friendly fashion.

6. I wish I could feel the same but you are my super-duper BFF!

You may feel whatever you want but please keep me out of it

7. I am sure you will be a perfect match for someone else.

...But for someone else, not applicable to her

8. I also really really really like you -as a friend.

There are different types of liking in the world. Just because you like apple, doesn’t mean
apple will like you back

9. Sorry that I keep boring you with our relationship issues with Jeffrey.

Her stories with Tom, Dave or Jeffrey will never finish. Different names come and go, but your time never comes.

10. Wanna join me for shopping?

With Jeffrey she goes to movies, but with you only  to shopping. Why? Because you are the best!

11. If you don’t call her, she never calls!

You are always the one calling her first right?  Does she even call you at all except asking for your class notes? Don’t worry, that’s better than nothing.

12. Who else is coming?

You always see her in your common group right? I am sure you’d impress her if she could get to know you more in private.

13. OMG this song is sooo awsome!

Adele’s new album, hot guy at the class, Trisha’s new boyfriend, movies; these are all you talk about, right?

14. Did you meet my friend Lacey?

Does she want to hook you up with her friend Lacey? Are you sure that Lacey is the right person for you?

15. Yeah, of course, agreed, sure thing!

While you are trying to have an eye contact with her, she are always looking at somewhere else. Maybe she has seen someone?

16. Hope you don’t mind that I am in my comfies.

She never cares about her look around you as much as she does when she is with Steve. Why is that so?

17. Friend, bestie, dude, pal, bro, yo man…

She always tells you “we are only friends” right? Only… Always…

18. I am fine sitting here across…

She is  very physical with Steve but keeping her distance to you? Never mind!

19. Here, take a look at this!

They say Friend Zone is like the mafia: Once you are in, there is no way out! Hope you get used to it soon!

20. Maybe there is a hope?

Look! someone made his way out...

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