20 Intimate Things That Differentiate Bollywood From Hollywood


Bollywood or Hollywood? Which one do you prefer?

They're different from each other and you can understand and feel these differences when you're watching them. But we collected the 20 main differences that you can’t easily understand by just watching a couple of movies.

1. Soft and limpid colors are usually used in Hollywood movies. But in Bollywood movies, everything is colorful- from the costumes to the settings.

2. Hollywood never includes traditional stuff, everything is modernized. In contrast, Bollywood movies reflect more Indian traditions, such as glorious weddings and feasts.

3. Visibility means high-quality effects in Hollywood. In Bollywood, it means magnificent dresses and spaces.

4. Hollywood characters don’t easily show their emotions. But Bollywood characters can easily cry. They’re more open to expressing their feelings.

5. Hollywood movies use music as soundtracks and play it in the background. But when the music comes on in Bollywood movies, everyone starts dancing synchronously.

6. The slang words that are used in Hollywood such as “fuck, god damn it, holy shit...” are replaced by words like "Areeeyyy yaaaaarrr, accchhhaaaaa, vaaaahhhh..."in Bollywood to express love or confusion.

The reaction of Aamir Khan when he saw the famous actress Juhi Chawla.

7. Heroes in Hollywood movies jump 2 meters and kill 5 people. In Bollywood, they jump 4 meters and kill 10 people.

The hero of all the weird action movies, Ajay Devgan..

8. Hollywood comedies usually have a black comedy type with a scenario where everything goes wrong with the main character’s life. Bollywood comedies, on the other hand, consist of the jokes and funny talks of the characters.

They can leave a smile on our faces no matter what.

9. In Hollywood, aliens hate humans and make plans on invading the earth. But in Bollywood, alien's roles are to question human behavior and beliefs.

10. Hollywood gives its message sneakily, in various ways. But in Bollywood, the message is usually given very openly.

11. In Hollywood, young people meet up and play PlayStation, drink beer and have fun. In Bollywood, they usually rise up against the system when they gather.

12. While Hollywood produces well-constructed science fiction movies lately, Bollywood produces drama movies that highlight and criticize social topics like politics, education and religion.

This is at least what we see in the most popular Bollywood movies.

13. When the character meets a girl in Hollywood, they have sex the same night, and then fall in love. In Bollywood, the character falls in love with a girl, and then dreams about singing at the most beautiful places in the world with her.

We felt the love deep in our souls with the legendary couple Shahrukh and Kajol, even though they didn’t even kiss.

14. In Hollywood, it’s normal for couples to cheat on each other or break up from daily problems. But in Bollywood, only death can separate lovers.

15. The main conflict projected in Hollywood is the African-American vs. White problems. Bollywood projects the Muslim-Hindu conflict.

16. Actresses in Hollywood are thin, tall and fit. Their bodeis are just perfect. But Bollywood actresses are not size zero; their facial beauty is a more important thing.

The Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai, also Miss World 1994 winner, was named as “the most beautiful woman in the world” by Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts, Will Smith and Hugh Jackman.

17. Hollywood has famous movies. Bollywood has famous movie stars. So if a movie is good in Hollywood, the actors get popular and become a movie star. In Bollywood, movies are watched if there is a popular movie star in it.

Despite the negative reception from many critics, the public loves Salman Khan and his movies are always a box office success.

18. In Hollywood, everyone has their own group of friends. In Bollywood, every movie star knows each other. For instance, a very popular actor may take a guest role in a movie for 10 seconds.

The most famous Bollywood stars once took roles in a dancing scene of the movie Om Shanti Om.

19. In Hollywood, the average length of a movie is 2 hours. In Bollywood, the average is 3 hours.

For instance, India’s most popular movie “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” (3h 12m) played in a movie theater for 21 years in Mumbai. 

(Photos 20 years apart)

20. Many Bollywood actors and actresses have worked in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Anil Kapoor...

Bonus: Hollywood speaks to our mind, Bollywood speaks to our soul. We have love and respect for both.

Shahrukh Khan, together with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio

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