20 Family Photos Proving That Time Never Changes The DNAs!


Whether we like it or not we all resemble to someone from our families. It can be your mother, your father, your sibling or even your grandparents... 

Some people noticed this inevitable fact and turned their familiarities into interesting photo collages! The results are really hilarious and amazing at the same time!

You know what they say "It runs in the family!"

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.

Source: https://brightside.me/wonder-people/thes...

1. Ralph Lincoln — a descendant of Abraham Lincoln in the 11th generation

2. Photos of mother and son at 16 years

3. Father and son: XX and XXI century

4. School yearbooks: "My mom and I at the same age"

5. Grandfather and grandson

6. "My mom and her firstborn 41 years ago; me and my first son..."

7. A daughter found her mother’s photo at the same age

8. Mother and daughter: two smiles 20 years apart

9. Father and son at the same age

10. Grandmother and granddaughter

11. "Dad and I in 1991; me and my cat in 2013″

12. They’re both 21 here: grandfather Henry and his grandson Edward

13. A dad and his son cosplaying him

14. Mom and her son

15. A great-great-grandfather and his great-great-grandson 1917/1995

16. A photo 87 years apart: great-grandmother Michelle and her great-granddaughter Lucy

17. In 2012, this guy repeated his father’s photo session from 1976

18. Mother and daughter: the red dress after 25 years

19. Father’s on the left, daughter’s on the right

20. The first picture shows two friends, the second — their sons

21. My dad and I; me and my son...

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