19 Very Clever Illustrations To Play With Your Mind


How can you reflect your intelligence through drawing lines? It's so much more than you can imagine. These illustrations of Shanghai Tango will push the boundaries of your mind. We are sure you're going to like them! 😍

1. Barcodes now and then...

2. Should we play GO?

3. Wi-fi flavored pizza, anyone?

4. I'm just going to click once...

5. An Emotional Chair Duo❤️

6. Einstein?

7. Alternative transportation under the sea...

8. "I should hit the gym to lose some weight!" 😁

9. "I've been working on my biceps for 4 years now."

10. "Don't forget to turn these before they burn under the sun!"

11. It's not what it looks like!

12. Proper use of the cat!😎

13. I don't see a difference, do you? 🐱

14. Cheers to your slavery!

15. 🐱

16. A journey to become a fox 😊

17. R.I.P

18. A juicy love affair 😍

19. 🐰 ? 🐑

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