19 Struggles All Girls With Thick Hair Know To Be True!


If your hair is as thick as Merida’s, or of course, Chewbacca’s, for that matter, you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. If once you put a bobby pin in your hair it’s lost forever, join the club. Here are 19 things you just can’t get away with when you have thick hair!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/cassiesmyth/17-...

1. You can't just brush your hair when it's dry without it tripling in size.

2. You can't use a brush without it breaking.

3. And you can't use hair clips without them disintegrating.

4. For some reason, you also can't have bobbles that stay intact.

5. You can't lose a few strands of hair like a normal person, instead you moult a ridiculous amount.

6. You can't get a cute pixie cut.

7. And dying your hair can't just be a one person job.


8. You can't have these cute romantic moments.


Because when he tries to run his hand through your hair, there are about 100 knots.

9. You can't quickly wash your hair on a whim, it's a real process.


10. And you can't wash your hair before you go out because it takes a whole day to dry.


11. You can't just use a little bit of conditioner, you have to use half the bottle.


12. And you shed so much in the shower that your walls can't stay clean.


13. You can't use bobby pins and expect to see them again.

14. Your hair can't deal with humidity and you become a lioness whenever you're on holiday.

15. You can't just not cry when someone else brushes your hair.


16. Your hair can't just stay as you styled it.


17. You can't just casually put your hair up.


Your arms get tired just by putting your hair in a ponytail.

18. And your buns can't be cute a petite, they must be huge.

19. And you can't just have one product.

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