19 Shocking Celebrity Lookalikes From All Around The World!


Each day a new celebrity lookalike appears on the internet. Although we've seen dozens of celebrity doppelgangers, we still can't get enough of them! 

Here are 19 celebrity lookalikes from all around the world!

1. Kanye West from Egypt

2. Leonardo DiCaprio from Russia

3. Asian Brad Pitt

4. Female Taylor Lautner

5. Jim Carrey from Russia

6. Macedonian Britney Spears

7. Female Jay-Z

8. Chinese Vladimir Putin

9. Jeff Goldblum's Indian twin

10. Matt Damon's long lost brother

11. Russian Plumber Hugh Laurie

12. Brazilian Danny DeVito

13. Indonesian Barrack Obama

14. Swedish Leonardo DiCaprio

15. Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos

16. Turkish George Clooney

17. Russian Vin Diesel

18. Russian Wolverine

19. Indian Bradley Cooper

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