19 Sad Facts Showing You’re Getting Too Old For Night Life!


It doesn’t matter if you’re still in your 20s or 30s; you should check these items before you claim that you’re still good for a crazy night life.

1. If you think you’re too tired when you are about to leave the house to go out.

2. If you think that the best time to dance in a club is when the dance floor is empty,

3. If you’re coming home sober,

4. If you’re getting worried about how people are going to get back home when you normally don't care about them,

5. If you gave up drinking beer just because it’s cheaper not to,

6. If you can’t get drunk and enjoy the night because you can’t stop thinking about work in the morning,

7. If you've started getting annoyed from the volume of the music,

8. If you gave up on waiting for others go buy you drinks,

9. If you start to look at your friends like they are aliens when they get drunk,

10. If getting ready seems like too much work before a night out,

11. If you've started to complain about how tiring and boring your work life is,

12. Or started to talk about the current events that no one is interested in,

13. If the idea of going home with someone you just met doesn’t excite you,

14. If you’re looking for snacks from the menu while others are drinking beer,

15. If you look like this from outside,

16. But you are actually feeling energetic from inside,

17. If even the idea of taking shots is enough to make you feel sick,

18. If you start to check your email instead of getting drunk and texting your ex.

19. And finally, if you start getting back home on time, instead of getting calls from your family,

Congrats, you’re old. Very old.

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