19 Noteworthy Facts About Women's Orgasms!


Let's face it. How many times have BOTH of you managed to have an orgasm when you had sex? Which positions are more suitable for the woman's orgasm, and is it possible to have an orgasm every single time? 

Science has the answers to all your questions, and we've gathered some useful information to enhance your orgasms!

1. There's more than one way to a happy ending...


Clitoral orgasm might be the best-known way, but this is definitely not the only option. You can also go for vaginal, mixed, and multiple orgasms...

2. Orgasmic nipples!


When a women really feels loved, you can lead them to an intense orgasm without using any other "traditional methods"...

3. Don't underestimate the power of foreplay!


What are you, animals? The longer you keep the foreplay going, the faster your blood flows, making you more sensitive. In order for a woman to be completely turned on, you need at least 10-20 minutes of foreplay...

4. Maybe the easiest way: Oral sex...


Sex expert Dr. Leanna Wofte says the following: "Most women are fine ending the whole thing with just vaginal sex. Actually, this is not the most efficient way to alert the ever sensitive clitoris..."

For her, the answer is simple: Oral sex!

5. Masturbation is highly effective.


This is another easy way for women to have orgasms. After all, who knows what pleases you better your own?!

6. An average orgasm lasts 20 seconds...


This means you will have rhythmic contractions each 0.08 seconds for 20 seconds. You can strengthen these with Kegel exercises in your free time!

7. Certain exercises, certain moves...


Kegel exercises are not the only way. You can have coregasms with certain abdominal moves!

8. Even when you're giving birth!


Yes this is weird but it's also true. Don't panic, it happens. It will just end up making the room and process much more interesting...Up for a true challenge?! :)

9. Find your own way...


You can start triggering your orgasm with your own thoughts. Sex therapist Gine Ogden says this is ultimately a chance to really focus on yourself. She adds that you should see this as an exercise; a fantasy. Well, whatever floats your boat.

10. Go verbal, go loud!


Moaning, making noise, or talking during sex might be the key to your perfect orgasm. Low pitched sounds will channel your energy through your chest, whereas high pitched sounds will channel it to your genitals.

Don't be afraid to speak up for some great pleasure!

11. Women usually fake their orgasms.


Studies show 60% of all women fake their orgasms during sex. What's more interesting is that 59% of men are actually aware of this...Come on guys, step up!

12. Women who have sex with their beloved partner have more orgasms...


If a women is emotionally attached to another person, they are more likely to have orgasms during sexual encounter. Their body produces more hormones and chemicals during the process.

13. The biggest obstacle: Worries


You really need to let go of your thoughts during sex. Women who are under pressure, stress or depressed have less orgasms. Taking some time and shutting your brain off won't be the end of the world. Take it easy...

14. Bad news: Some women actually CAN'T have orgasms...


Some women, around 1 in 10 or 15, are unorgasmic, which means they physically can't have orgasms...

15. Some positions work wonders and help ease the whole process...


Doggie-Style is the most suitable position for women to have orgasms because it triggers much more of the G spot, and of course, the clitoris.

16. You are much more talkative after orgasms...


Did you ever wonder why you two talk so much after sex? Mainly because your brain produces lots of happy happy hormones, and this makes you want to talk much more.

17. Your nationality may affect the pleasure you feel..


Recently, a survey conducted in Israel showed that 72% of Israeli women orgasm by the end of sex . This average is around 30% in the world.

18. The older you get, the higher the chances...


Women aged 70+ are much more likely to have orgasms compared to women younger than them. So give it "some" time...

19. Simultaneous orgams...Not just in movies...


If having an orgasm on your own is X times fun, having it together with your partner is 5X more fun! It's wonderful, tempting, charming!

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