19 No-No Things You Can't Possibly Say To Your Pregnant Wife!


Ok guys she’s already pregnant and going through a lot you know that. Please stop making it harder on her with your reckless, irresponsible acts. Read these carefully!

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1. Are you eating again?

Number one reason in reverse domestic violence might be this. Just let the woman eat what she wants. Stand up and cook for her even!

2. Didn’t Beyonce give birth recently? Man, look at her all smokin’!

You might as well just tell her she could never be like Beyonce. Shame on you!

3. Why are you crying now all a sudden?

It’s the hormones! Even though they cry all the time out of the blue. Did I do something wrong honey?

4. Do you keep putting on weight? Is this your normal weight at all?

Refer to no. 1 please.

5. What do you mean you crave Cookie Dough in the middle of the night during this winter?

They just crave. Don’t ask. Ice-cream in winter and winter goods during summer. It’s like burning a massive hole in your pocket.

6. Man that beer felt good! *burp*

Light a god damn cigarette as well. Good going.

7. I’m just as tired as you are but I keep it to myself.

Of course! Of course women tend to make a big deal out of it.

8. Seriously, you’re not the only pregnant woman out there!

Well, sometimes you gals overdo it. Let’s all agree on that…

9. It’s always the hormones you know that right?

Bingo! You are also a biologist, right? If not, refer to no. 3 please

10. What’s the rush? We still have over 2 months to buy all that baby stuff!

60 days! I mean 60 days, over 1000 hours! You think her due date is tomorrow. We’ll sort it all out in a week. Easy!

11. You decide what color should the baby’s room be, I’m fine with everything.

Why is this such a big deal? It’s the baby’s room after all, not yours!

12. Don’t get me started. Women used to give birth in the middle of farms for heaven’s sake.

Good, keep going like this…Tsk tsk tsk…

13. We’ll name the baby “…” and that’s it. No more discussion!

How dare you comment on this topic with all your hormones and moods? Ugh you guys!

14. Can’t you just go to the doctor without me this time?

You just lay down and they do everything for you. Can’t we just sit on our ass and play video games or watch TV?

15. What’s with all the mess?

Just more and more excuses. The place looks like a hole!

16. Believe me, I’m even more tired than you are!

But what do we know about pregnancy right?

17. Look just try and calm down…

It’s not like she is mad at everything or that will calm her down!

18. Every woman is terrified but if you ask me, it’s not that scary at all…

You gave birth to a tribe in your past life and know all about it, yes?

19. If I was a woman, I swear my pregnancy would be a walk in the park.


And the perfect bonus: Come on, hurry up a little!

Come on you whiny whinerson!

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