19 Most Common Lies Of The 21st Century!

> 19 Most Common Lies Of The 21st Century!

Some lies don't even bother our consciousness because we tell them so often. This also has something to do with the demands of modern life. Times change, our lives change, and so do our lies. Here are the 19 most frequently told white lies:

1. "My phone was charging, I didn't hear you call bruh."

What it really means: 'I really didn't feel like talking to you at the time, that's why I just ignored your call.'

2. "But I haven't received your e-mail. Oh well, I literally just got it now. Let me take a look, I will get back to you ASAP."

What it really means: I am trying to buy me some time.

3. "No bruh, I am not playing, just checking the text I just got"

What it really means: Why the f*ck can't you give me a break?

4. "We are a big family here."

What it really means: We will screw you. We will make you work the most. We will be nice to your face, but surely plot behind your back. 😈

5. "There is a system error, I will have to ask you to wait for a couple of minutes"

5. "There is a system error, I will have to ask you to wait for a couple of minutes"

What it really means: Wait you disgusting peasants! 😏

6. "I am a proficient English speaker"

What it really means: Error 404: English not found! 😁

7. "I have read the terms and conditions and I accept them."

What it really means: Skip! Skip! Go! Why doesn't it install? Oh! I forgot to tick that box. OK! Install now!

8. "I got a new phone and lost your number."

What it really means: Yes, I deleted your number. Why the hell would you ask?

9. "The controller is broken. It isn't me."

What it really means: Holy Jesus of games! 🎮

10. "I gave into temptation."

What it really means: I am responsible enough to blame others for my mistake. That's how I can get away with everything. 👿

11. "I will be back in two minutes."

What it really means: I might be back in the evening. 😉

12. "There was traffic, that's why I am late."

What it really means: I left home too late.

13. "I am waiting for a payment. I will pay you back as soon as I receive that."

What it really means: You aren't getting that money back. 😂

14. "I love it! It looks amazing!"

What it really means: The shit I took this morning looked and smelled better. 😕

15. "No, no, I have just arrived."

What it really means: I have been waiting for you for hours but I don't want to look like the losers who come too early and wait. 😕

16. "You have to re-install the operating system. That's the only way you can fix this."

What it really means: I don't understand shit. 😳

17. "OMG I was just about to call you!"

What it really means: If you hadn't called me, I wouldn't have remembered you in decades. 😒

18. "My phone's alarm didn't go off.😕 "

What it really means: I just snoozed the digital sh*t out of it. 😏

19. "Yeah, OF COURSE I read that!"

What it really means: I watched the movie. 😁

Bonus: "I'm fine.There's nothing wrong with me."

What it really means: There is indeed something wrong with me but you wouldn't care even if I told you. 😥