19 Everyday Clichés That Turned Out To Be Incorrect!


From your childhood, you were exposed to some cliches such as "Lightning doesn't strike twice" or "If you swallow a gum, it would stick in your gut for a week." How many of these cliches are true? Now, it's time to find out!

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1. Shaving doesn't make your hair grow out thicker than before.

Shaved hair feels thicker because it doesn't have a tapered end anymore.

2. Your hair and nails don't actually grow after you die.

Your skin shrinks after you die. This is the reason why your hair and nails seem longer.

3. Dying your hair doesn't actually make it go grey faster.

Grey hair appears when the melanin in your hair deteriorates. Dying your hair doesn't affect this biological process.

4. Contrary to common belief, if you touch a baby bird, its mother won't disown it.

The birds don't have a developed smell system, so they won't notice your smell on their baby.

5. Daddy long leg spiders are really venomous.

However, their teeth cannot break through human skin.

6. Touching a toad won't give you warts.

7. If a vagina is loose that doesn't necessarily mean that a person has slept with a lot of people.

The muscles of a vagina relax and expand during the intercourse. Afterward, it tightens back up. It is not possible for a vagina to stretch out permanently.

8. The thing you call a vagina is not actually the vagina at all.

The vagina is what connects the external genitals to internal: the cervix and the uterus.

9. Sleeping with wet hair doesn't necessarily make you catch cold.

Colds are basically caused by viruses.

10. You can't actually see The Wall of China from space.

11. Lightning can actually strike the same place more than once.

12. Defilbrillators actually don't do anything to start non-beating hearts.

In order for the heart to beat properly, electrolytes should be at the right chemical balance. Defibrillators are used to either correct or reset the heartbeats.

13. CPR is not meant to bring back a non-beating heart.

Contrary to common belief, CPR is used for preventing brain damage and pumping oxygen through the lungs.

14. If you ask an undercover cop whether they are a cop, they don't have the obligation to tell you the truth.

Undercover cops might help you commit a crime, however, they would never force or convince you do commit one. Undercover cops are known for being exempt from some laws.

15. You don't necessarily have to be rich to adopt a child.

The overall adoption process might be expensive depending on which part of the world you live in. Keep in mind that you need to be able to cover the expenses of the child.

16. When you swallow a piece of gum, it won't end up stuck in your stomach.

Although it is not digested like other foods, it doesn't stick around in your gut for a week.

17. Consuming sugar doesn't make children behave in a hyper manner.

There is no correlation between consuming sugar and being hyperactive.

18. Washing up your hands with soap doesn't kill the bacteria. It only helps to wash them away.

19. You won't get cancer because you sat close to the microwave.

The radiation waves used in microwaves are non-ionizing. This means that they don't really have an effect the molecular structure of the human body.

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