19 Dogs Who Protest Harder Than You!


Humans aren't the only ones raging against the system.  Dogs, who are man's best friend, have been getting in on the action too!  

Today we share with you 19 dogs who protest harder than you do!

1. WHO'S A GOOD BOY?!?!?

2. OH, You're a good boy, aren't you!

3. Occupup to the rescue!

4. Represent!

5. Doggo knows what's up

6. Here's a good boy!

7. This doggo love his moms

8. Nasty Women rock his world!

9. This pupper is smarter than a lot of people

10. Meow?

11. Telling it like it is.

12. Watch out!

13. What a good boy!

14. Smashing the patriarchy one pup at a time!

15. More responsible than the GOP

16. Dogs are the best <3

17. Doggo giving a strong warning

18. We can't argue with him!

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