19 Comparative Hair Color Photos That Will Inspire You Towards Pastel Hair!


Pastel hair colors looks out of this world! However, making such radical change is not an easy decision. First, you should browse through a million examples. Then, you'll make the best decision for yourself that would match your style. Here are some inspiring then&now photos for your inner mermaid!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/juliegerstein/1...

1. Perfect switch from blonde to pink😍


3. A change that definitely requires courage.

4. This can be the best pink hair I've ever seen to this day.

5. Glowing in all different hues of red and purple!

Farklı renkleri bir arada kullanmayı sevenler için kırmızı, mor ve yansımaları.

6. 😍🌸

7. Grey is the new cool!


9. Beautiful <3

10. Is this ashy blonde or what?


11. 💇💇💇


13. Mermaids are real.🌊😍


15. Emerald hair!

16. Cotton candy hair is not a dream.

17. And another one...

18. 💙💙💙

19. Doy you want to turn into a snow queen? No problem!


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