19 Brilliant Answers To Annoying Marriage Questions


Are you over 20 and sick of the question “When are you getting married?” Are you tired of giving explanations to everyone about a decision that is actually no one’s business? Here are 19 brilliant answers to stop people from asking that annoying question again.

1. “When I see you a single day without complaining about your wife/husband.”

2. “Please don’t ask me this question again if you’re not going to voluntarily lend me $100,000 dollars for my wedding expenses.”

3. “I heard you’re still together for the children, when are you getting divorced?”

4. “I heard you convinced your husband/wife by suicide threats to get married. Is that true?”

5. “I heard your mother-in-law doesn’t like you at all. She’s disgusted by you, she said.”

6. “My desire to get married dies when I see people like you.”

7. “I will, but I don’t want to start taking antidepressants like you.”

8. “You both seem old since you got married; what are you doing at home, eating uranium?”

9. “Something happened to your face since you got married. Are you OK?”

10. “I’m terminally ill. I have just 2 months to live.”

11. “Sex is gross, how do you guys do it?”

12. “The idea of marriage makes me sick. I think I’ll throw up now, where is the bathroom?”

13. “I will first kill you, then myself, if you ask that question again.”

14. “I’m a psycho, I burned down my house yesterday. You want to see?”

15. “Don’t you see? I’m too young to get married. You should be ashamed of asking me questions like this. Stop acting like a freak.”

16. “February 30th”

Yeah, it doesn’t exist.

17. “Are you trying to say that no one wants to marry me because I’m too ugly?”

18. “Are you going to ask this question again? I will jump off the balcony if you do. You wanna see me do that?”

19. “We will when you stop asking about it.”

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