19 Awesomely Interesting Facts To Blow Your Mind!

> 19 Awesomely Interesting Facts To Blow Your Mind!

You like learning new things?

Planting more interesting knowledge seeds in the depths of your mind?

If you are hungry for knowledge, this is the right place for you! Here are 19 wonderful facts!

1. Einstein couldn't speak properly until he was 9. His family actually thought he was retarded during this period.

2. Banknotes are made of cotton, not paper. Before 1950, they used to be made of hemp, tree trunk and marijuana.

3. Most of the dust particles you have at home are mostly dead skin cells.

4. Turtles can breath from their butts!

5. Anti-mosquito sprays don't protect you, hey just hide you! By blocking the receptors of mosquitoes, these sprays lead them to believe that you aren't there.

6. The human stomach has to renew its inner membrane every 2 weeks, or else it will digest itself.

7. Every human has a different tongue print, just like finger prints!

8. The wings of a Boeing 747 are longer than the distance that the Wright Brothers -the first people to ever manage to fly- flew.

9. It is impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath. If you hold it long enough, you will pass out, after which you will continue breathing normally.

10. The reason why paper cuts hurt like a b*tch is the fact that they don't bleed - the blood protects the nerves.

11. Butterflies smell with their feet and their antennae become activated with contact.

12. The distance between a human's elbow and wrist is equal to the foot-size.

13. The length of your arms being stretched to the sides is the same as your height.

14. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

15. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, could never speak with his wife and mother on the phone because they were both born deaf.

16. According to the research conducted, apples are better at energizing people than coffee.

17. The brain cannot sense pain. If you opened a scull and exposed the brain to high temperatures, it would still not feel a thing.

18. The reason why we yawn is not the need for more oxygen, but cooling down our brain.

Stretching the jaw increases the blood flow to the skull. The cool air that gets into the sinuses cools down the blood that goes to the brain.

19. Intense brain activity indeed burns calories, 1.5 calories per minute!