19 Amazing Gifs That Are Highly Informative!


There are so many interesting things in this world, and sharing something worthwhile can sometimes be much more effective when using images rather than words.

This list was originally published by Bright Side.

Source: https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities...

1. A spider attack

2. How water reflects images

3. Creating a tattoo

4. Tears in space

5. 3D printing

6. What happens when snake venom enters the blood

7. A solar eclipse

8. A nuclear explosion

9. Intelligent mind of crows

10. Levitation melting of metal

11. The defensive reaction of a mimosa bush

12. A volcanic eruption, seen from the International Space Station

13. How your brain records information

14. A robot that can ride a bike

15. A hidden polymer

16. 6,300 tons of cosmic waste flying around the Earth

17. Immersive printing

18. The contraction and expansion of the pupil

19. Flexibility of an owl

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