18 Reasons To Remind You How AWESOME It Would Be To Date Emma Watson!


We know we know, it's almost impossible. But hey, everyone has a chance alright? Keep believing in that!

1. Do we have to say how attractive she is? Duuh!

2. And she's just as cute at the same time.

3. She is strong and independent.

4. She has a romantic side, too!

5. She is also as smart as Hermione!

6. Her smile is out of this world.

7. She knows how to seduce...

8. She knows how to do it quite well! ;)

9. She loves nature and dedicated herself to protecting it.

10. Full of love! Never disappoints her fans.

11. Simple elegance...

12. She has no vanity.

13. Sincere and always honest...

14. Sometimes way too innocent!

15. Playful:)

16. She has a massive heart <3

17. Sometimes she is tempting...

18. Provocative.

In the end, she is your ideal girlfriend! Again, DUUUUH!

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