18 Milennial Bedroom Photos From Around The World


John Thackwray is a photographer from South Africa. 6 years ago Thackwray started taking photos of the teenagers rooms. This project is called "My Room Project" and this project led Thackwray to travel around the world in order to capture the cultural differences around millennials. So far, 1000 people from 55 countries participated to the project.

Here is a glimpse of 18 of these bedrooms!

1. Kingston, Jamaica

2. Berlin, Germany

3. Chihuahua, Mexicо

4. Shatila, Lebanon

5. Durban, South Africa

6. Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

7. Ban Sai Ngam, Thailand

8. Jambyl Region, Kazakhstan

9. Paris, France

10. New York, USA

11. Istanbul, Turkey

12. Novosibirsk, Russia

13. Tehran, Iran

14. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

15. Tokyo, Japan

16. Kathmandu, Nepal

17. Dali, China

18. La Paz, Bolivia

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