18 Fashion Trends Proving That 90s Are Back!!!


A fashion item gets popular. Everybody wears it. Then everybody eventually gets tired of that trend. Soon after that trend is forgotten somebody picks it up again and boom! The trend has a huge comeback. This is more or less the story of fashion. 

Here are 16 pieces of 90s fashion trends that are back in our lives today!

***This article was orginally published on Bright Side.

1. Platform Boots

2. Military Boots

3. Big-lens Glasses

4. Round Glasses

5. Pastel Hair

6. Leggings

7. Floral Dresses

8. Open Shoulders

9. Crop Tops

10. Plaid Shirts

11. Denim on Denim

12. Black Leather Jacket

13. Denim Jackets


15. Denim Overalls

16. Denim Shorts

17. Ripped Jeans

18. High Waists

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