18 Facts Women With Tall BF Know Too Well!


It is not like women need men. However, while there are some hardships involved, if we can also get to enjoy some advantages, why shouldn't we?

1. Deciding on who is going to hold the umbrella is never an issue. :)

2. You don't have to use a chair to get something from the upper shelves.

3. It is very difficult to find a perfectly fitting t-shirt or pair of jeans for him.

4. A perfect couple-selfie is only a dream.

5. It always ends in cuddling; laying your head on his shoulder and listening to his heart beats.

6. It is more fun to watch concerts from a 'shoulder-seat' with the direct stage view.

7. High-heels are never an issue.

8. Seeing his athletic figure (if he has one) at the mirror is invaluable.

9. Efforts in establishing eye contact can cause neck problems in the long run.

10. A surprise kiss is only possible if there is a platform you can get onto.

11. When he lifts you up, counting the time to see if you have gained weight is a very effective method.

12. It is also an issue to try to walk while holding hands.

13. Keeping your sights above shoulder level while walking is enough to not get lost in crowded streets.

14. The height difference disappears only when you two lay in the bed and put your heads on the pillows.

15. A big body standing next to you makes you feel safer.

16. You kinda feel like 'Marshall and Lilly' from How I Met Your Mother.

17. Doing up his tie is a sign of love on its own.

18. And also the higher likelihood of having tall kids...

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