18 Facts Showing Your 30s Will Be Much Better Than Your 20s!


If you are in your 20s, the whole society assumes you are lucky. You are young, you look beautiful, you are ambitious and you have this brand new life full of opportunities waiting for you...But as you get closer to hitting 30, you start worrying, even freaking out! Now just relax and drop that anti-aging cream. Your 30s will be even better!

1. All your "Seen", "Read" messages will soon be replied and you will have a steady relationship...

Even if that's not the case, you now know who or what you want so you won't waste any more time dealing with people!

2. Less drunk more sober!

And obviously, all those drunk messages are long gone!

3. Traveling is easier and you can have more fun!

Because you have more money! You don't have to deal with other people farting on the other bunker. Just relax in your hotel room and enjoy your stay!

4. Clean, fresh and beautiful apartment!

You have your own place and it's clean, nicely decorated and you love going back home to have a nice time and blow off some steam.

5. No passive aggressive roommates.

Or maybe you will have your partner as your roommate!

6. You will be more experienced. You will know time will heal everything...

7. More money = Less stress, more fun!

8. You will look beautiful!

Even reducing the amount of alcohol and parties will make you look better!

9. Yoga is your new b*tch! You now get what the fuss is about!

10. Better sex life!

True story...

11. You will care less and less about what others think of you.

12. You know how important sleep is and you will go to bed on time!

13. No more cheap outfits. You will spend more money to look good!

14. You are not a party animal anymore. You know the true meaning of spending quality time on your own.

15. You'll probably and hopefully know what it means to love your job!

16. You will be more careful about what you eat and do much more exercises!

17. No more hungover Sunday mornings. Instead, you will start your Sundays early, fresh and ready to go!

18. And most importantly, you now know what true friendship means! Keep your friends close, very close!

Article based on: Elite Daily

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