18 Extremely Clever People Who Got It Going With Statues!


When you see all of them, you will LAUGH OUT LOUD!

18. Freedom...

17. Gossip...

16. Mortal Combat on city streets

15. "Come here little slime!"

14. "I didn't your food!"

13. "I didn't talk with her..."

12. “Big pigeon, spare me! Some sunflower seeds are in my back pocket.”

11. This is what happens to people who don’t give up their seat on the bus:

10. Good shot!

9. "Take her away from me..."

8. "Is it a candle?”

7. Slipping the barber a tip

6. "Close the door, please."

5. "Dance with me..."

4. “All the single ladies, put your hands up!”

3. Different ages, same problems...

2. Baby rescue service!

1. Hockey players have strong muscles!

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