17 Things That Prove You Are A Junk Food Lover!

> 17 Things That Prove You Are A Junk Food Lover!

Who doesn't like eating junk food? Everyone does right? But some people prefer not to eat any since they're not so healthy but there are some who just can't resist the deliciousness of junk food and put it in the center of their lives! In this list, we put together some of the things only a junk food lover would understand!


1. Before you get home, you go to the market and buy something to eat.

Market is already on the way home. I'll buy it real quick!

2. You certainly spend some time in the junk food aisle.

I won't buy any, I'll just take a look.

3. You want to buy everything on the aisle

They're all beautiful. I want them all, all!

4. You're tired of people telling you how you shouldn't eat that much junk food.

Alright, I get it!

5. You always have something to eat while working, watching TV, and surfing the net.

I should eat and work at the same time!

6. You spend most of your income on junk food

If I buy some junk food with the money I have now, I'll spend....

7. You can spend the last change in your pocket to buy the snack you like.

We only get to live once!

8. You always have something to offer at home to unexpected guests

I bought it for you, enjoy it.

9. You can't resist but eat your sibling's or flatmate's snacks!

But they looked so delicious.

10. You think they are your source of motivation.

Let me get something to eat before the exam and get some energy!

11. Your room is filled with junk food bags.

I'll throw them all out at once.

12. You can calm down by eating something.

I could kill that....

13. You don't care about not eating snacks before meal.

It's best before meal!

14. When you stay somewhere else outside your house, you go crazy because you can't eat junk food!

Should I check the kitchen?

15. You buy big bags and can't help but wonder how you managed to eat them in 2 minutes.

How did it finish so fast?

16. You never want your junk food to finish.

Did I eat the last pack?

17. You envy those who eat but stay skinny.

Where do you put all that food?


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