17 Reasons Why Women Under The Cancer Sign Are The Ideal Partner!


Actually, there should be a label on Cancer women that says "a must for every household." All problems would be solved, and all troubles would be forgotten so much more easily if every person had a Cancer woman. They are the best friends and partners one could have.

1. They hate lying. Honesty is, like, their middle name.

They don't lie. They express their true feelings with true sentences, and expect the same from others.

2. Home is the most important thing for them.

They are like a cute pet cat. They can work to improve their homes for hours. Their place always smells good, because their home is a part of them.

3. They wish the best for everybody.

They never wish any harm on anybody. They have a big heart.

4. Their feelings are deep and intense.

When they love someone, they go all the way. Same goes for leaving people, too. Their love is so strong that you get crushed under it.

5. Because they assume that everybody is similar to them, they get hurt pretty often.

Cancer women are simply too good for this world.

6. When you are by their side, you feel more peaceful than you have ever felt before.

Even if the whole world goes down, you wouldn't give a f*ck. They give you such a calmness and peace that they become irreplaceable to you.

7. Everybody likes them.

If there is a Cancer woman around and also a person who doesn't like her, that person is probably mentally not OK.

8. They work magic in the kitchen.

They cook incredibly great. If you are with a Cancer woman, prepare yourself to put some weight on.

9. They act with their feelings.

That makes them pretty romantic. They have everything that can make you smile: sweet surprises, small escapades, etc.

10. They are very nurturing. They care about you more than you care about yourself.

If you have a Cancer woman in your life, your soup will be ready whenever you fall ill. If you fall asleep on the couch, they will put a blanket on you. They will make sure that you are dressed enough. They are your guardian angels.

11. They are very fun to hang out with. They will make you smile A LOT!

They have a good sense of humor. They can entertain you all your life.

12. They have a never-ending generosity.

They will do anything for their loved ones. They won't spare any money or love.

13. They are loyal.

Their eyes only see the person they love; their whole world consists only of that person.

14. They will do anything for love.

There is nothing that can stop them.

15. They are sharing and devoted people.

They care about others more than they care about themselves. They always want to do something for them. They share everything, except their significant others, of course.

16. They have strong senses.

Although they think that everybody else is as kind as they are and get hurt because of it, their senses are pretty strong. If they don't like somebody, there has to be something wrong with them.

17. They dress very well. You can't take your eyes off them.

Everybody has a Cancer woman that they ask about fashion tips. They have a good taste and dress elegantly. All heads turn to them when they make their entrance.

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