17 Pictures From All Over The World That'll Somewhat Make You Angry The More You Look


We have images of people all over the world who made others upset and are ready to do the same to us! These images prove how brutal human beings can be! Don't get us wrong, it's not people or animals being tortured, well in a sense it's not, but it's the little things that make us all go crazy! Just scroll down, you'll know what I mean.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/genamourbarrett...

1. This single chocolate chip in a sad tub of ice cream. 🍦😪

2. This terribly sliced pizza. ☹

3. This pair of scissors that is only usable once opened with another pair of scissors.


4. And this screwdriver that needs another screwdriver to set it free.

5. This frustratingly off floor pattern. 😖😖😖


6. This remote control that could have TRIED to put the 9 in the right place, but just...didn't.

7. This person who has no care for keeping their pizzas from smushing together. 😒


8. Drama.

9. What is this ?


10. The "hipster" pasta donuts:

Innovative, bravo! 👏😩

11. 😔

12. I can't live here.😩


13. Can't live here either.

14. Same goes for here.


15. 😓


16. 😱

17. Please don't...


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