17 Ordinary Things Making Us Extraordinarily Happy!


Life is full of ordinary and well… boring stuff. But still, some of these things may create extraordinary amount of happiness. Check 'em out, it might be the reason of your mysterious overjoy.

1. Driving on a free lane while the others got stuck in traffic.

Sorry people. Today is my day. You suck and I am the king of roads.

2. Your favorite song playing as soon as you turn on the radio.

Listening to a song on a super hi-end system? No thanks. I prefer coming across to mine on a shitty radio system.

3. Your team winning the game, without you even knowing it!

After a hard day of work you forgot about the game time. Oh no, it’s a bummer. But hey you know what? You won! Time for a beer.

4. A warm cuddle. From a cat that you don’t know.

No it’s not the name of GOTYE’s new hit song. It’s a fact. Cuddling a person that you like? It’s good. A cat cuddling you? It’s pure awesomeness.

5. That fast driving as.hole getting pulled over!

So long sucker!!!

6. Seeing the world with freshly cleaned glasses.

Now this is what I call a retina display.

7. Signs of wildlife in urban areas.

All these people, tall buildings and shiny cars… No. They won’t make you as happy as seeing a squirrel on an empty street.

8. Coming across to your favorite TV show while TV hopping.

You are bored. You are tired. You are depressed. And suddenly OH MY GOD IT’S THE EPISODE WHERE TED LEARNS ABOUT THE… You already watched it a hundred times. But who cares. Enjoy! And by the way, that ending sucks.

9. Your mom calling you out of nowhere. Just to hear your voice.

It’s sad and beautiful. Now be a good child and start to call them more often.

10. Your bus arriving at the stop on same time with you

It’s the first sign showing that today gonna be a good day.

11. You are late! Wait what? It’s sunday!!!

Your alarm didn’t sound. Shit shit shit. Then you check your phone and see these holy letters. S U N D A Y. Now go back to sleep. You deserved it.

12. Your dentist saying good things about your teeth.

In the whole history of mankind this rare happening came into being only twice. If you are one of those lucky people then nothing can make you sad. Except, you have to know that we hate you.

13. Your sweet darling tidying up the clothes you wear

That gentle move fixing up your tie or zipping you up. Romance at its best.

14. Getting the exact points that helps you passing

You did what you have to do. No more no less.

15. Finding a park spot close to the gate

Open that door. Take that one small step for men and go into the mall with glory.

16. Tweeting with exactly 140 characters

Perfect moment of satisfaction!

17. Your new profile picture getting all the likes

Do I even have to explain this one? Now continue refreshing your Facebook page.

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