17 Notes Before You End Up Loving A True Melancholic!


All you've gotta do is try to understand and empathize. It's actually not as hard as you think. Love is all around us...

1. They find peace only within themselves.

2. They tend to be perfectionists.

3. They prefer to work alone.

4. They are introverts.

5. They never miss a detail.

6. Wherever they go, anxiety follows.

7. Decision processes are their worst nightmares.

8. Their attention level is at its top.

9. It's hard for them to express their emotions.

10. Pessimism is their main trait.

11. They take everything seriously, including their relationships.

12. Due to all these attributes, they are overly cautious.

13. They are mysterious.

14. They are dreamers.

15. They prefer to observe when they are out.

16. They always think people gets them wrong.

17. They are humble.

BONUS: They are the true romantics of our age. Be patient, try hard, and you'll find a world full of intense emotions and wonderful dreams that come true.

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