17 Important Notes About Smart But Lazya** Kids!


Your kid is actually smart, but he never does homework! Now what? What's he going to do when he grows up? What's he going to be like?

Relaaax...Here, we have 17 answers for you!

1. Don’t worry, these kids give up this habit after a while.

They will start working hard in college, at the latest. Actually, you know what?

Half of the people who complete their education and become successful are these kids.

2. They will know how to enjoy life.

They will become versatile by focusing on multiple things and won't postpone their life for their academic success. They might have discovered the secret of life!

3. They decide what they want at a young age and work towards that goal.

Don’t let them fool you with their messy looks, they know exactly what they want and move accordingly.

4. These kids will have a stronger, more resistive and a confident personality.

They don’t easily give up on their dreams.

5. They will be more social and have a greater group of friends they are loved by.

Like we said, they can make time for everything.

6. They will be good at finding balance in their life.

They can balance home, work, friends and family.

7. They won't have an unsatisfied, extremely ambitious or jealous personality.

They find content with whatever life offers them. They become mentors willing to share and help.

8. They may not be the best at what they do, but those kids will know how to be irreplaceable wherever they work.

Their hard and efficient work and social relations play a huge role too.

9. They will have healthy personal relationships.

They will meet you halfway and stay away from tension. They’ll be warm and good listeners.

10. They’ll be less confrontational.

These are the people who totally hate arguments and tension. They take the negative energy out of their environment with their agreeable personality.

11. They will be the definition of the word 'responsible.'

Their sense of responsibility gets high over time. They don't become perfectionists or detail oriented people, but they do their best and get the job done before the deadline.

12. They will become people that you can trust.

They'll hide your secrets, won't gossip, and keep their promises, like the definition of the word ‘trustworthy.’

13. They will be pretty funny and cheerful.

Which will make them the most popular one within their group of friends. ‘I will only come if he comes’ will be said a lot.

14. When they don’t do work, it means they’re not interested. They are actually very successful at the things they enjoy.

15. They will be open to helping, and will usually be active with charity events.

They don’t do stuff to show off; they really enjoy helping others.

16. They won't be day dreamers.

This doesn’t mean they won't dream at all, it’s just that they follow dreams that have a possibility to come true.

17. They’ll be cool people who think & decide fast.

So you have plenty of reason to hire them!! :)

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