17 Gross Moments All Hygiene Obsessed People Fear To Death!


You know you are hygiene-obsessed if you twitch in those tiny moments of touching something unknown or seeing something dirty. Not all of us can cope with dirt that easily. Here are 15 gross moments all hygiene-obsessed people fear to death.

1. When the random person you're talking to likes to touch you.


Nope. No.  👋👆✋☝

2. When somebody puts a finger in their ear and starts shaking the hell out of it.


Run before that finger comes out with a pile of dirt!

3. The moment when pinching your cheek is still seen as acceptable.


Umm, how old are you?

4. When the smacking sound of somebody eating smacks you on the face.


My body is twitching, close your mouth!

5. When an old distant relative kisses you with wet lips.


Now you have to wait for it to dry...

6. When the person next to you starts chewing gum with their mouth open relentlessly.


Close. Your. Damn. Mouth.

7. When the person you're gonna shake hands with sneezes in his damn hand.


Let's just waive, I have AIDS. 😷

8. When an ugly pervert gives you a filthy smile and starts saying stuff on the road.


Such a waste of air.

9. When you sit on a bus seat and it's warm from somebody else's butt.


10. When somebody with dirty or wet hands passes you the food.


Well, I'm full all of a sudden.

11. When your friend breathes on your neck while trying to look at your computer screen.


Pardon-Moi, personal space?

12. When you see your best friend not washing hands after the bathroom.


NOOO!! How could you do this to me???

13. When your friend touches your keyboard with greasy fingers.



14. When somebody gives you money but it's warm and crumpled.


Don't breathe, it might kill you. 😩

15. When your friend talks on the phone for hours and hands it to you on a hot summer day.


Who is calling? I can't talk, I lost my voice. 😔

16. When you witness the driver picking his nose on the road.



17. When you have to hold those dirty hand poles you don't even know how many people touched before you.

Slippery isn't it... 😰

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