17 Grandparents Who Are Hilariously Good At Texting


"At 81, do you think I am too old for a pair of harem pants?"

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/asiawmclain/17-...

1. "This grandma, who knows how to get your attention:"

2. "This grandpa, who is totally unapologetic:"

3. "This grandma, who won't let you miss a picturesque scene:"

4. "This grandpa, who had something interesting to share:"

5. "This grandpa, who has some exciting plans:"

6. "And this grandma, who basically wants your life:"

7. "This grandma, who knows you better than you know yourself:"

8. "This grandma, who knows that life isn't always fair:"

9. "This grandma, who really doesn't like this carpet:"

10. "This grandma, who is hilariously cryptic:"

11. "This grandma, who has a cold-blooded request:"

12. "And this grandma, who's all about the turn-up:"

13. "This grandma, who's got dirty jokes:"

14. "This grandma, who is like a broken record:"

15. "And this grandma, who will see your sarcasm and raise you the savagery you deserve:"

16. "This grandma, who flexes her new skills:"

17. "This grandma, who wants to keep up with the trends:"

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