17 "Fun" Activities To Consider In Case Of Delayed Flight


It's a pain no matter where you are or when you are. You end up regretting you didn't take a bus and slept the whole way. Flights are delayed from time to time either due to weather conditions or other managerial and external stuff. As passengers, we have to wait long hours just to maybe get an update on the flight. Here are 17 things we've all considered or did when we had a delayed flight.

1. It doesn't matter if you're sleepy or not. You feel the urge to sleep...badly!

2. People start talking on the phone, complaining loudly as they try and establish eye contact, desperately looking for support.

"Yeah, exactly! They are keeping so many people waiting here just like that, we all have things to do."

3. There are people who suck the life out of the company representatives with their constant blaming and questioning.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

"Where's your manager? Who's in charge here?!"

4. You get so bored that you start random conversations with strangers.

- Family visit?

- Excuse me?

- The reason of your travel, I mean, is it a family visit?

5. The race to the next power socket...It's surreal!

Including those crawling on the floor and embracing any smell coming from the bathroom.

6. You can profit from all this by babysitting. Each and every penny counts.

Because there's no one else to do it and you have no patience left for sure!

7. Tech savvies start stalking people on Swarm, Instagram and Twitter.

Who knows, maybe the one is out there waiting for the same flight. 😁

8. This one's a special for forever alones: They memorize everyone's faces, hoping to find their love during this process...

9. Until your flight is ready to board, you reach level 999 on all your mobile games.

10. You always laughed at people who do the crossword puzzle. Look what you're doing now!

11. ALL, literally all video material is watched over and over again until your laptop's battery is completely dead.

12. Sudden, irrelevant cravings. Even for food you don't like.

"I should tell my mom to cook cabbage stew before I make it home." 

What is that?!

13. All those sudden rush of feelings when you check the flight number on that board...

Not to mention those who get paranoid about checking the wrong screen and missing their plane...

14. Trying to make the best out of that overpriced water you just bought...

15. The book you haven't touched for weeks is all done and over with...

Time to stalk people with newspapers, magazines! 😂

16. Planning each and every sentence of that massive complaint letter you will write.

(Forgot all about it when you landed)

17. And the inevitable ending: Yelling at the cabin crew.

As soon as people board the plane, they start b*tching at the cabin crew who are actually as tired and as innocent as themselves.

Not cool!

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