17 Drama You Can Relate If You're Not Crazy About Love!


Yes, we've heard what others have said until today - how beautiful love is and all that crap. They have been telling us how awesome being in love is, thousands of fun activities you can do with a great partner, and that being alone sucks. However, it is now time for us, the people who love being alone, to talk. Now you guys should listen to us and learn how beautiful being alone is. We hope that the question "Why are you single?" will be obsolete after this content.

Here are the nice things only people like you, who love being alone, can understand:

1. The question "Why are you single?" pisses you off a lot.


You are sick and tired of this question, and when they add "But you are a very good looking woman/man" at the end of this shitty question, it gets even worse. They suck the life out of you. You wish that these people would die somewhere far away from you, silently.

2. When your friends want to hook you up with somebody, you just kindly reject and thank them.


At the beginning, you were getting angry with them and you didn't understand why the hell they would offer something like this. You saw that they pitied you on their faces. After a while, you reached the point where you said "Stop asking me such things! Seriously!" but again, they didn't understand you. Now you think that they will never understand the connection you have with being alone and just kindly reject and thank them.

3. You are smart enough to see that love is actually a bunch of hormones.


You are a person of science and therefore you can explain this emotion called 'love' easily. For you, love is just a game that your body plays on you because of some hormones. That's why you don't want to give up on your beloved solitude or take the risk of ruining your life by falling for such a stupid thing.

4. You don't get excited to see that "someone".


Life is always at its usual. Neither a very beloved person, nor a life partner worth dying for will change anything. You know this too well. You, of course, have short-term crushes, but you never get crazily excited to see someone.

5. You make up excuses about work/school to subtly avoid further questions from your family about your private life.


If your parents aren't cool enough, you can never tell them you love being alone and that's why you aren't planning on having a relationship. You don't want to upset them or make them face the fact that they aren't going to have grandchildren. This being the case, you have to resort to small excuses to get out of this situation.

6. You celebrate your solitude in your sweatpants on Valentine's Day.


Your sweatpants are now loose because that's how much time you spend with them. Hence, you watch your favorite anti-romantic movies over and over again happily on Valentine's Day, which is a big deal for many people.

7. Hugging, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, etc seem to be very meaningless to you.

You just don't get the people who do this. Everywhere they go, whatever they do, they are always in physical contact. Especially during the hot summer days, it gets even sadder. Not liking this thing, which not only limits your freedom but also seem suffocating, is a good enough reason to be single.

8. You don't understand how your friends who are in a relationship can have enough time for both their personal and professional lives.


These people live just like a robot, running from one place to another and struggling to get everything done in addition to spending time with their sweethearts. While you don't even have enough time for the things that you want to do, the fact that couples lead such a life seems like a fantastic movie to you. At the end you infer that that's why they do everything they do superficially.

9. You don't understand why almost every song and poem is about love.


Because every time you hear a song or come across a poem, it is either about love or pangs of love. All of these seem pretty pointless to you. For example, a nice song starts to play, you really dig the melody, and you feel the rhythm... then the lyrics start, and when you realize it is about love, you either get a bad feeling or feel even more confused about all of this.

10. The people who have a lovey dovey profile picture with their significant other on social media are, in your eyes, just hopeless cases.

These people are the most hopeless ones of their species. Even if you tell them how funny it looks from outside, nothing will change. You also can't say it because they will resent you.

11. You don't have to shower, wear clean underwear, brush your teeth, wear perfume, etc every single day.


In other words, you are free! You are free to wear, do or be whatever you want. Not having a partner that you have to keep happy and satisfied gives you more freedom. HOWEVER, still shower, change your underwear and brush your teeth regularly; especially now that it is summer. You don't want to torture people in public transportation, right?

12. You pity your friends who believe that they will live with the 'one' happily ever after.

Because they are the people who can't be happy with what they already have, always long for things that they can't attain, who can't be successful and strong on their own. That's why they always need somebody to be happy and they lead a superficial life, convincing themselves that 'that person' will show up one day.

13. You don't have to worry about if you will have a place to sit when you are going out, because there is always enough space for a single person.


Worst case, you go to the back of the restaurant and eat with the chef. Nobody is there to stop you from doing what you feel like doing. You have peace of mind. Awesome!

14. You know that the real love is based on the mentality: a cat, a hamster, a dog is fine, as long as it is not a human being.


Because people cheat, leave, and lie, and you end up being alone anyways. You are smart enough to ask this question to yourself: "Why the hell should I want that?" If, at the end, you will end up alone anyways, why would you need a relationship and all the drama that comes with it?

15. It is more important for you to be successful than to be in love


Because you only live once and you think that you should do your best to reach the most meaningful point in your life. Wasting your best years with the drama of love while you can be a successful person seems repellent to you, because you are a smart person.

16. You don't have to answer to anybody for anything that you do.


You don't hear things like "But why did you take a nap after your class? I was expecting a text from you :(", or "But you promised that we would go to the movies on Wednesday." You can just go away for a while, or sleep for hours, or not turn your phone on for three days. It is your life, it is your happiness and nobody can spoil it!

17. You never want to lose the happiness and power that solitude gives you.

If you are in a relationship, you can never feel the empowerment you get from solitude. You are attached to something, and no matter how high you want to fly, something will always drag you down. The fact that you can go furthest when you are alone is enough to make you happy.

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